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Everything Zen? Everything Zen?
I don't think so!
-Bush, '95 (The band, not the president! Jeez!)

very time we try out a new piece of software in our office, Mike, without fail, says "I wonder what they were listening to when they wrote this?". Screaming guitars? Screaming kids? TV? Shortwave? Well, since Mike almost never has an original idea, we figured that other people must have asked this question, too. How about you? Ever used a piece of software and said "hmmmm, I wonder where was their head at?"? Here's where we were during this release:

The Tuneage:

  • The Cure - Disintegration
  • Sisters of Mercy - Floodland
  • My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - A Crime For All Seasons and Hit & Run Holiday (which is playing while I'm typing this, as a matter of fact!).
  • Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
  • And whatever band that is that rehearses in the loft across the street from us...that song where the guy goes "GuuuuuhrRRRRrrrrrRRRrrruuuuh" is scarey, dude!
The tubage (which is bad for you, we know...):
  • The X Files
  • Millenium
  • Lost In Space
  • The Wild Wild West
  • Brisco County, Jr. Thanks, USA Network!
  • Hercules (& Xena, of course!)
  • South Park (Stupid? Yup. Cultish? Yup. But also TOO DAMN FUNNY!)
  • Lots and lots and LOTS of Diet Coke
  • Jack Daniels
  • Rolling Rock ("33"!)
  • Djarum clove kreteks, mmmm!
  • Wegman's Mac & cheeze (still 5 for a buck!)
  • Velveeta
  • Maria's - The Jessie Special!
  • Kibbles & Bits Lamb & Rice Flavor
  • Purina Special Care - Who's Big And Fat?
  • Wendy's chicken club with cheeze
  • Chicken wings, Richmond style, HOT!

Where does Alchemica WebSite
really come from?
Here's a peek behind the curtain...

Bailey das Weiner Dog
Snail Girl!
Crab Boy!
Big Fat Spike (right) &
The Chowderhead
Chilly in a Can
(pardon the gallows humor)

And now...
Meet the Alchemica WebSite
Beta Test Team!

These are the stunt developers who take all the punches so that you won't have to! Many thanks to all of the members of the Alchemica WebSite beta test team, and most especially these Hall of Famers for their many contributions along the way. Salute! Click on the photos to view some web sites that were developed with Alchemica WebSite.

Robin Andersen
Adib Behi
Bob Breedlove
Robin Andersen

Adib Behi
Bob Breedlove
Emil Folsom
Chris Grant
Cheryl Giattino
Emil Folsom

Chris Grant
Cheryl Giattino

Reto Haeni
B.E. Johnson
Chris Mead
Reto Haeni
B.E. Johnson
Chris Mead

  • Bob Breedlove - The WebGuy, special award for sheer e-mail volume!

  • Emil Folsom - Best "We never even thought of that one" bug in the installation program.

  • Chris Grant - Special award for having the 2nd most eeeevil server in North America. His SP makes their customers append their user ID and password to EVERY FILE THEY UPLOAD! Can you frigging believe that?!!

  • Cheryl Giattino - You can blame Cheyrl for the fact that the application will no longer fit on a single floppy! Stop, please, no more!

  • Reto Haeni - Winner of the coveted Late Nite award! The day the first Beta of Alchemica WebSite was released, Reto stayed up till 3AM with us debugging FTP code. Ouch! Plus, he gets a special award for having the most eeeeevil server in North America!

  • B.E.Johnson, winner of the "small world after all" award. Now located on the Right Coast, he used to have the loft right across the street from us.

  • Chris Mead - Who is the only Beta tester to find the Easter Egg: an easy-to-find bug planted for the express purpose of being found. Shame on the rest of you, shame I say! FYI: the bug is still there.

  • Robin Andersen - Special award for the longest running bug (the FTP bug, and yes, we're still working on it!).

Road Trip!

What do we do when we're not busting our butts writing code? Play hard! Here are some pix from our Sisters of Mercy/My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult adventure in Philadelphia.

Final Credits

A special thank you to SnailGirl Zero-One, the perfect partner in crime.
See you Thursday!

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